Community Clobbering #14

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Community Clobbering #14

Post by Violet » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:45 pm

It's that time again, Community Clobbering #14, our weekly recurring feedback and community relations event.

What's the point of this meeting?

Good question, you tell us? Community Clobbering is the opportunity for all citizens of Andromeda to verbally roast the admi-, not really :D! But to gather, gave a good chat, bit of fun and as always a great time as a community. More importantly, it's a chance for us to ask you for your honest, critical and very valuable feedback. Whether it's those irritating questions that label you as "that guy", or the repetitive development concerns, proper feedback regarding an area of the game you wish to know more about? This is the place for it. It's our time to see you all, mingle with the crowd and listen to your requests. After all, we never will stop saying it? WE love you guys and we want to continue to make sure Andromeda is a home fitting for you. We can't please everyone but we will do our best, we're committed.

I know these types of events get really repetitive, redundant and boring over time and people stop showing up... but we figure bribing you with a few DoT weapons and krayt pearls should keep everyone showing up! :D Just kidding... but there will be a small reward each week and occasionally a badge if we want. Your feedback is something we constantly require to keep Andromeda the best server for you, we shouldn't need to reward you for it when the idea of having a balanced and quality SWG experience is enough but... we're extra nice.

We hope to see as many of you there as we can :D! Community Clobberings will be recurring every Sunday.

Event Name: Community Clobbering #14
Event Date: Recurring every Sunday.
Event Location: Corellia, Coronet Cantina
Event Time: 14:00 CST (Central Standard Time)
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